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    The objectives of the Association shall be :-
    6.1 To promote the interest and well-being of the Deaf
    6.2 To investigate the conditions of the Deaf by means of scientific research and the maintaining of a database
    6.3 To contribute to and/or become involved in the education of Deaf people at all levels
    6.4 To encourage and prepare the Deaf to take on an active and useful role as members of the society
    6.5 To provide a professional Social Work service to meet the social, emotional, physical and economic needs of the Deaf
    6.6 To facilitate training opportunities for the Deaf
    6.7 To encourage, develop and co-ordinate activities / projects for the Deaf, to enhance their comping abilities, their skills and the general qualities of their lives
    6.8 To undertake the dissemination of knowledge concerning the Deaf, including the causation and/or prevention of Deafness
    6.9 To provide or assist in the provision of, or to facilitate the provision of recreational facilities and activities for the benefit of all the Deaf
    6.10 To affiliate to and co-operate with other societies having similar objectives as the KwaZulu-Natal
Deaf Association, as well as with the National and Provincial bodies such as DEAFSA