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    To achieve its objectives the Association shall have the following powers :-
    8.1 to receive and accept subscriptions, contributions, donations, bequests, endowments, grant-in-aid and other awards of money or assets and any other type of assistance whatever
    8.2 to organise and direct the collection of funds from the general public and the exploration of all suitable sources of revenue, and where appropriate, to so in collaboration with other organisations for the Deaf
    8.3 to administer the funds of the Association and to invest, realise or vary such investments, all in such manner as may be deemed advisable
    8.4 to borrow or raise money with or without security and in such manner as may be deemed to be fit and in particular by the issue of mortgage bonds charged upon all of part of the Association's property
    8.5 to acquire by purchase, lease exchange or in any other manner whatsoever, movable or immovable property of any nature or kind whatsoever wheresoevr situated, or any right, title or interest whatsoever therein and including shares or securities of any kind
    8.6 to manage land, building and other property, whether belonging to the Association or not, and to develop any land or building(s)
    8.7 to sell, dispose or otherwise deal with all of or any part of the property of the, upon any terms
    8.8 to institute and defend actions at law in any competent Court and for that purpose sign and execute all necessary powers of attorney
    8.9 to do such things as may be necessary or desirable to achieve the objectives of the Association