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    9.1 To be a member of the Association  a person must be over the age of 16 (sixteen) years.
A member must be a paid up member for one year before being allowed to vote
    9.2 Membership of the Association shall be comprised of the following persons:
        Subscribing Members being persons who contribute to the funds of the Association  a subscription in the amount determined from time to time by the Association
        Honorary Life Members being persons who in the opinion of the Association have contributed their efforts beyond the call of duty to the Welfare and/or advancement of the cause of the Deaf, which membership shall be free from payment of any subscription
    9.3 Any application for membership shall be decided upon by the Management Committee
    9.4 Any member may resign from the Association in writing
    9.5 Save in the case of an Honorary Life Member the Association may at its discretion terminate any person's membership on written notification to such person
    9.6 Any member failing to pay the prescribed subscription will not be allowed to vote at the Biennial General Meeting
    9.7 A correct register of all names and addresses of all members shall be kept by the Management Committee
    9.8 Membership fees must be paid by the end of April or during March and April each year (if paid in
two payments)
    9.9 Membership fees will be determined by the Management Committee from time to time