Durban School for the Hearing Impaired (Pre-school - Gr 12)
  Contact Name Mrs T Naidoo
  Contact Number 031.903.7253
  VN Naik School for the Deaf  (Pre-school - Gr12 / 1st Year Teacher Training)
  Contact Name Mr TM Govender
  Contact Number 031.577.1280
  Fulton School for the Deaf (Pre-school - N3)
  Contact Name Mrs B Campbell
  Contact Number 031.767.1215
  Kwa Thintwa School for the Deaf  [A,HF] (Pre-school - Gr 10)
  Contact Name Mrs L Naidoo
  Contact Number 031.783.4005
  Kwa Vulindlebe School for the Deaf [A] (Gr 0 - Gr 7)
  Contact Name Mrs Magubane
  Contact Number 031.907.1408
  Indaleni School for the Deaf [A,HF] (Gr 0 - Gr 12)
  Contact Name (vacant)
  Contact Number 033.212.2331
  St Martin de Porres School [A,HF] (Pre-school - Gr 12)
  Contact Name Mrs KNB Nair
  Contact Number 039.682.5725
  VulekaSchool for the Deaf [A,HF,T] (Pre-school - Gr 10)
  Contact Name Mr ME Zungu
  Contact Number 035.833.9061